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JOVS Blacken
JOVS Blacken  JOVS Blacken  JOVS Blacken  JOVS Blacken

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Jovs JOVS Blacken

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JOVS Blacken adopts DPL ultra-photon skin rejuvenation technology to precisely narrow the spectrum to 500-650nm, increase the purity of light waves by 5 times, and repel melanin from the source! 3 major modes can be easily switched (brighten skin tone, lighten spots, and improve facial redness), continue to use and maintain easily, and maintain an excellent whitening skin condition! There is no pain during use. It adopts sapphire freezing point cooling, and the light wave acts on the inside of the muscle to generate a heat transfer cycle. The sapphire quenching technology can protect the skin surface and avoid thermal damage, so as to achieve a painless experience.


  • Suitable for Taiwan and Hong Kong voltage (100V-240V)
  • Free home delivery | One year warranty | Warranty repairs will be shipped to our Hong Kong and Taipei collection offices

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